MhofuMhofu, originating from the Southern African country of Zimbabwe, is sort of my second family name but reaches beyond my immediate family to include an entire clan of people who have very different last names. Mhofu is a wild animal that is found in Zimbabwe’s expansive game reserves. Its English name is Eland.

This practice of having a second family name (totem) is very much rooted in Zimbabwean culture and extends to my clan’s love for meat, how it is prepared and enjoyed together with family and friends. The preparation is a whole process and consistent with deep passion in the use of specially mixed seasoning, marinade and letting the meat seat in the refrigerator for up to an hour and ultimately tending the meat on the grill or in the smoker.

The results of this passionate process are fully grilled Mhofu Wings and falling-of-the-bone Mhofu Ribs that embody our love for meat as well as the “home-cooked-meal” process of preparing the meat. Our practice, rooted in Zimbabwean culture, dictates that every order initiates a process where meat is prepared from start to finish specifically for that order. That means Mhofu Wings & Ribs would never be mass produced, frozen and then heated upon order. Here is to your enjoyment of Mhofu Wings & Ribs!


I have had Mhofu Wings and Ribs and all I can say is yummy…..definitely a specialty. You got to try this!

Terry Johnson, Pickerington OH


Enjoy these specially prepared wings and ribs with family and friend. They are a definite icing over the moments you cherish the most.

Tammy Wilson, Pickerington OH


These wings and ribs put the chain restaurants to shame. They are so tender and juicy and the seasoning is just right. I was blown away!!!

Julie Chitiyo, Pomona NY


I love ribs and I have had ribs from many different establishments but Mhofu Ribs are some of the best I have had. Try them!

Toni Green, Columbus OH


I have been eating Mhofu wings and ribs for over a span of 8 years. His products are delicious and immensely tasteful. The owner has got so much passion and determination to make sure that he goes above and beyond in serving nice dishes. I will recommend anyone to indulge into Mhofu wings and ribs.

Taurai Pahuwa, New Albany OH


Mhofu wings and ribs are to die for. The ribs are tender and the unique BBQ sauce is smothered to your satisfaction. The chicken wings are not your average fried wings found everywhere in fast food joints. These are well seasoned and grilled chicken wings with a tangy mild taste to them. I would recommend Mhofu Wings and Ribs to anyone who likes quality food.

Choice Gilbert, Pickerington OH


Mhofu Wings are well grilled, juicy and delicious. They are second to none. I have been enjoying Mhofu Wings since 2000.

Douglas Mpondi, Denver CO


Mhofu wings are awesome. Juicy and tasty. They are not fried but grilled. Best wings I have ever had. The ribs are slow cooked with great, tasty seasonings and fall off the bone.

Mercy Kanyongo, Columbus OH